Local Listings for your Business

List your Business on Google Places/Maps, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, and more!

Aside from having a website, no other web presence is more important than your business’ listing on various local directories such as Google Places. Search engines are increasingly switching to local searches, meaning that if your business is not set-up properly for local listings, then you can possibly lose out on a large contingency of search users.

Mira Web Services has created numbers of local listings for businesses small and large alike. Our proven experience with optimizing local listings includes keyword research to better match popular search terms in your industry to your business’ services.

Our local listing experts can establish accounts for you and your business on the most popular local listings including Google Places/Maps, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Maps. In addition, we can set your business up on a whole host of popular directories such as Yelp and City Search.

Let Mira Web Services create your business’ local listings to further your web presence and harness the rising tide of local searches. Contact us today to find the right local listing package for you.