Monthly SEO Strategies

Optimizing your Website on a Monthly Basis

Most businesses have a vague idea of search engine optimization (SEO) and have an even more vague understanding of what can be done on a month-to-month basis to increase search rankings. Search engine optimization is ultimately an ongoing process that requires monitoring, tweaking, and the development of new, unique strategies to make your business and website standout from competition. There are some universally accepted SEO components that any good SEO company or business owner should follow including social media marketing and regular content production. By coming up with an individual strategy and adhering to it, you position your website or business to grow in visibility for months, even years, to come.
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Google AdWords and your Website

Using PPC Campaigns in your Internet Marketing Strategy

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can be a very powerful marketing source if used intelligently. If left unchecked or improperly setup, however, these campaigns can be quite expensive and ineffective. Many business owners, for example, are perfectly capable of managing their own campaigns and yet time restraints and an often confusing interface makes hiring a PPC management company worthwhile. With a smart, strategic implementation, these PPC campaigns can direct targeted users to your website and make them paying consumers.

The start of any good PPC campaign is intensive keyword research. While many simply utilize GoAdword’s suggested keywords, it is nonetheless important to do one’s independent keyword analysis to ensure that you will be driving the right kind of users to your website. Without this research, you may fail to find the best keyword which occasionally comes at a low cost-per-click rate.
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Developing Websites with WordPress

Building and Maintaining Websites with WordPress

Building websites has two different components to consider: the experience of the front-end user actually visiting the website and the experience of the individual maintaining the back-end of the website. What often gets lost is the latter of the two. When developing a complete website, it’s often necessary to make an easy interface for someone to maintain without too much technical difficulty. One way to overcome the issue is to utilize the WordPress platform as your website’s primary back-end. There are a few issues that one should consider, however, before joining the millions who use WordPress daily for their websites.

First off, WordPress is a great open source and free platform to use. It is easily flexible for the experienced developer and is intuitive for those with minimal tech experience. Essentially, there’s nothing you can’t do with a standard website that one couldn’t do with a WordPress website. The back-end is instinctive, easy to use, and has a well-documented knowledgebase.
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Why is my Website Guy Not Returning my Calls?

Finding a Reliable Webmaster and/or Web Designer

Individuals and business owners can find it quite frustrating when it comes to choosing a reliable website designer, webmaster, or web service company. For whatever reason, many have had a bad experience with certain developers or companies. Part of the problem is the lack of knowledge those hiring a web service provider have when it comes to evaluating a developer or company. When you do find the right web service provider, however, it can be quite rewarding in terms of their responsiveness and customer service.

I often find it very intriguing when a new client comes to us in the middle of a specific project. In these instances, the client has been through a handful of webmasters or web designers and, for whatever reason, they have not worked out. Simply from anecdotal experience, clients come to us because their current “web guy” is not returning calls, giving vague completion dates, or other unusual business behavior. I can’t speak for other industries, but this problem at times seems absolutely chronic in the web design or website maintenance industry.
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City Pages as Local Marketing

Using City Pages to Increase Local Search Results

The biggest search engine trend of the past few years (and one of the biggest web trends in general) is the move towards more localized searches. This presents a challenge for many businesses as they are typically marketed for the specific city that they are in and not, for example, for other cities surrounding the business. For businesses in major cities, the predicament is how to market their website for the suburbs. For those businesses outside major city centers, the question becomes one of marketing in the surrounding area. As a worthwhile strategy, “City Pages” are ideal for those businesses who want to market their website or business in a number of cities.

Take a look at any search query you perform with Google and in the left margin you will see your location. Google determines this based upon your IP address, which can often change depending upon your provider. Recent changes in Google’s search algorithms have placed a greater value on this location in determining the search results for any query. The concept is fairly simple to understand: rather than receiving results for a search for a “dentist” from all across the country, Google will use your IP location in order to provide a list of “local” results. For the end-user, this is great and replaces a lot of the weeding a user had to perform in order to get to a quality, relevant result.
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