Design Services for your Business or Brand

Modern Design Services from Mira

Design elements are necessary for any business or brand. It’s important that a business has a unified image across all promotional platforms to reinforce a brand’s identity. Any successful design, be it for the web or for print, needs to be customized, professional, and memorable.

Mira has years of industry experience working with small to medium sized businesses to invent or reinvigorate a brand. Our designs look just as good on the web as they do on a business card or pamphlet.

For business owners, Mira offers the following design services:

  • Brand Development
    Brand development is the process that encompasses everything that goes into a brand’s image, from logo creation and initial demographic research to marketing implementation. Mira has the experience to design and implement your business or personal brand.
  • Website Proofs
    A website proof is the first step towards creating a healthy web presence for your business or enterprise. In many instances, a website proof helps establish the complete identity of a business. Proofs set the tone and Mira has the eye to help any business create a modern web aesthetic.
  • Logos
    A logo has to encompass the values of a business in a design and stand the test of time. Mira has the experience creating various logos for many business in a number of industries.
  • Promotional Materials
    Every business needs an array of promotional materials including business cards, pamphlets, brochures, letterhead, and more. With fixed costs and a dedicated production timeline, Mira takes the pressure out of the process and delivers your products when you need them.
  • Custom Graphics
    Mira has the team of graphic artists to design just about any image you may need. No matter the purpose, no matter the platform, Mira can create the graphics you demand.

With an integrated design the spans across your business or brand’s presence, you will reap the rewards of additional exposure and greater brand awareness.

Contact us today to see what design services are right for you and your business.